For the last 40 plus years Carlson Engine Imports has been providing customers the greatest selection of diesel engines available anywhere.  Ed Carlson wanted to share his passion for diesels in the modeling community, originating from an old Typhoon which was saved from his days traveling in Germany years previous.

Ed's passion and willingness to talk to modelers led to his want to expand and share his knowledge of these interesting and delightful engines.  Soon he offered compression (and a few glow) engines to aero modelers, boating and even car modelers.  The expansion even led to being an outlet spot for hobbyist kit offerings in various options of balsa, foam and some ARF options.

For many years, hobbyist, clubs and many organizations have known Carlson Engine Imports as not only the place to go to for engines, but fuels, parts and accessories as well.

Alas, time takes it toll on all things- and Ed was not immune.  Although still the personable talk-able individual, Ed's health started to decline.  As many of the community know, he grew less and less involved.    I, myself, over the last couple of years made a life change and relocated back to hometown Phoenix.  I started to assist Ed more and more in the daily business handling.  As an introduction from afar to those who don't know me - I am his son Randy.

Ed has now passed and in his wake I am continuing the Carlson Engine Import operation in order to serve the modeling community.  Times have changed, products have changed - even the plane kits have experienced changes.  So, with that in mind, I am working to revamp and update our continued service and selections in order to offer the best options for modelers even still.  I will bring good priced products as they appear in markets- plane, car, boat or helicopter. 

Some of the history of the business has also been to provide insight on operation and use of the Deisel motors.  Although much more popular overseas, to the American markets diesels are still relatively new.  There is not as much of a mentor pool to teach the operations or techniques of these incredible motors.

I am working to bring the technology available for learning today (video, photography, etc) to help demonstrate these aspects.  In this way, the youth of today can still obtain the lessons from yesteryear.  

Please reach out, I'd love to hear from you!