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Welcome to the birthplace of the new Carlson Engine Imports internet web site! Yes, I am still alive and still in the model engine import business. Please be patient with my development of this site. This is a new challenge for an old dog.  I intend to eventually be able to list all available glow and diesel engines together with many photos and technical data.  I do not however expect to attempt to reinstall a shopping basket in the site any time soon, so please just call me at 602-863-1684 or email me at carlsonengines@juno.com for more information or to place an order.
        Thanks again to Jeff Daniels for the help in building my original web site which worked wonderfully well for as long as he was keeping it up to date for me.  Alas when he gave it back to me, it was far too sophisticated for me to have any hope of maintaining it.  Thanks now to Dave Stenz for his help in getting me started on this new site.  He has installed the program on my computer which is now set up for simple additions of text, photos, etc. Thanks also to my customers for their understanding and patience with my efforts to get organized here.  Thanks in advance for your continuing patience with my efforts to complete this site.  Best wishes to all!  Sincerely.   
                            Ed Carlson

Pictured above is the new Oliver Tiger twin from CS in China.  This one is based upon two Oliver Tiger 2.5 c.c. diesels and features crankshaft induction with a four ball bearing bottom end.  This one is priced at $230.00, plus $10.00 P & H per order in U.S.A. for any quantity of engines, but excludes fuel shipping costs.
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Carlson Engine Imports stocks the world's best selection of model diesel engines; also many fine glow engines and model airplane kits, etc.  We stock Progress Aero Works, Aurora, MP Jet, CS, NBN, Merco, Cipolla, Silver Swallow, MK-17, MDS, MARZ, Meteor, KMD, Uctkam, Stas's, Zeus, MVVS, Magnum and A.S.P. engines.  We also stock model airplane kits from Brodak, Sig, RSM, Hallam, Golden State, Hacker, Modela, Easy-Built, Famous Flying Models and many more.  We have been proud to serve the modelling community since 1983.