PAW Diesels
The current Special Sale Prices available for the models shown below are as follows:
MARZ 2.5 B/B Rear Intake, Radial Exhaust Russian Diesel; $50.00
MK-17 1.5 B/B Rear intake, Radial Exhaust Russian Diesel; $50.00
Stas's 7 c.c. Plain bearing, R/C W/M Russian Glow engine;  $50.00
Call for details or to order.  602-863-1684

The MK-17 above is a double ball bearing, rear rotary disk intake, radial exhaust, 1.5 c.c./.09 c.i.d. diesel from Russia.
The above 2.5 c.c./.15 c.i.d. diesel from Russia is shown in the natural aluminium finish with the collector ring muffler.  This is a rear rotary drum intake, double ball bearing, radial exhaust diesel.  This engine is known as the MAP3 or MARZ.

The MARZ 2.5 shown here is the Standard version without the muffler in the black finish.
This is the CS 2.5 c.c./.15 c.i.d. diesel from China.  It features a bronze bushed bottom end, front rotary intake and radial exhaust.  The cooling fins are supplied in various colors.  Inquire about available colors when ordering.
Please call for more information or to order.  Ed Carlson  602-863-1684
This is the STAS'S 7 c.c./.42 c.i.d. glow engine from Russia.