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These delightful engines from Calcutta have very high torque and are exceptionally easy starting and handling.   All models have been test run at the factory before dispatch.  These engines represent an excelent value and are ideal for general sport flying where reliability and good handling are so important.
Aurora K-500 B/B R/C W/M  $100.00
Aurora K-200 $60.00
Aurora K-250 $70.00
Aurora K-Mills 1.3  $110.00
Also available, but not shown is an Aurora K-150 priced at $50.00.  It is identical in appearance to the K-200 except that the K-150 has a natural aluminium head color rather that the gold annodized head of the K-200.
The Aurora engines are no longer in production by the Kumar company, but I do have many spare parts available for many of their models from past production.
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